Universal Infrared Extension

Universal Infrared Extension
Product Details

Quick Installation Guideline

1. Battery installation

You need to properly seat three AA battery, and cover the bottom before using.

2. The extension match to the host

Open the APP, enter the device management interface when the app has connected to the host under LAN, long press the matching key of the extension for about 3 seconds, when the blue indicator light blinking slowly, it means that the extension has stepped into the state of matching;

Notice: If the extension and host didn’t match when 15 seconds are past, the extension will exit the state of matching automatically, the blue indicator light will go out.

● Click the scanning devices of the APP when the blue indicator light is blinking slowly, “Fonud new extension” will appear in the interface.

● Click “Sure” to add, at that time, the blue indicator light will go out. You can find that a new extension number and type number will appear in the device list after the adding of new extension, you can rename the extension by long the corresponding extension number, for example: Bedroom

Notice: Each extension can only correspond to one host, if you want your extension match to a new host, then the old host can no long be used.

3. Add Remote control setting

● Create a new remote control in the App. You can choose the extension you just added in the “Device” and click “Sure”

● The host can control the corresponding devices of extension directly when the extension has finished the IR/RF study.

● For the call code library, extension should aim to devices to test as well as to download the code library.


4. Problems and their solution

If adding extension failed

/You have to make sure the extension is in the state of matching ( the blue light is blinking slowly)

/You have to make sure your phone locally connect with the host when adding new extension.

● Extension cannot control devices normally

/Please make sure the battery of extension is full of energy, if not, please replace the new battery or try to reinstall the battery.

/To shorten the communication distance between the extension and the host, the open distance must be《50 miles, the distance in the house must be《20 miles. The communication distance will be shorter if there are many obstacles.

/Remove the extension from the host list, and add a new one.

/Try to study the IR/RF code again then process the operation.


Click APP more option, you can check more specific instruction by clicking "Help"


Application Show

Product name: Thinker extension

Product model: GR-1

RF parameter: 433M/FSK

Antenna type: Antenna inside

Function support: IR transmit (26K-64K carrier

               RF transmit (315/433Mhz ASK)

               Temperature and humidity detect

Supporting host: YKB3/3S  Thinker

Power supply: AA battery

Operating temperature: 0-40

Operating humidity: 10%-90%RH( noncondensing)