Smart Home Wirless Centre Thinker

Smart Home Wirless Centre Thinker
Product Details

Thinker: Smart Home Wifi Router
GeekLink is SeeU's Smart Home system serials, with Universal remote control and IFTTT features for smart home automation

All in One

Thinker: Control and automate your TV, air-conditioner, switch and more with your iPhone/iPad/Android... Automation! Worldwide Usable!

Thinker, to Think Smarter

Meet Thinker, an intelligent control host with routing function. Via the APP, once you connect your mobile phone to the internet, you can perform remote control on the home appliances anytime and anywhere. Air-conditioner, television, sound box, lighting equipment and so on. You can also use the RF switch, socket or other fittings provided by Thinker to transform the traditional home appliance into an intelligent electrical appliance which could be controlled by Thinker. Are you eager to monitor the condition of your home at any time? Then use monitoring accessories of Thinker so that everything is under your control. Thinker makes your home more intelligent, more secure.

With Thinker, you can transform the air conditioning, television, and even traditional appliance such as electric light in your home to be intelligent ones, and realize customize automatic control patterns according to your own habits. On this basis, we will continue to develop all kinds of intelligent hardware products, constantly optimize our system, and finally achieve fully automated intelligent family life.

Thinker White and Black Color

What can Thinker do

Intelligent Wireless Router

Thinker uses the established OpenWrt ( architecture.

Thinker is an intelligent wireless router based on the OpenWrt system, supporting a variety of plug-ins which are compatible with OpenWrt. It is easy to set up and use the router to get online. You can perform remote control to know the condition of the router in your house, and therefore to get information about the number of people online, the network speed and so on.

Support Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE).

Support Wi-Fi sharing.

Suport Wi-Fi repeater function.

And more.

Easy to Extend

Thinker has two Ethernet ports and one USB host port. Thinker is not only a router host in the home, but also can be used as a Wi-Fi repeater connection on a router. One of the two Ethernet ports on Thinker can play the role of a WAN to connect to the internet through dial-up or superior router. Another Ethernet port can be used as a LAN, which helps to connect computers. If Thinker connects to the superior router via wireless connection, then both the two front-end ports can connect and extend other devices as LAN. As for the USB extension, it can be used to expand the external storage as  your own Cloud, and at the same time, we open the USB hardware interface to provide the user the ability to connect community created intelligent hardware.

Using Micro USB for power supply is simple and convenient to use. You can even use a laptop or mobile power to supply power to Thinker directly.

A Genuine Universal Remote – IR and RF (315M/433M) controllable

This is a design of intelligent-learning IR and RF (315M/433M) remote controller. Our product is perfectly compatible with various brands of electrical appliances, so it saves tons of trouble for replacing the existing remote of TV, air conditioning, switch, socket, etc. Your smartphone with Thinker is a much better remote.

By learning the original remote control of electrical appliances, Thinker can remote control many devices with your own smart phone. Then you no longer have to go in a lot of clutter to find the remote control. Through the Cloud infrared code library, you can directly generate the remote control by searching brands. It's very convenient.

Multi-Room Control

As we all know, IR can not pass through the wall, but we developed technology to solve the problem. It is the Thinker extention device (extension of infrared radio and RF station with Battery inside), you can use it for 6 months before charging. In addition, the door sensor can be extended to achieve security, expand the camera to achieve control while watching. More extensions are waiting to be discovered.

Through IR&RF extension, the infrared appliances in different rooms can also be easily controlled by your smartphones, so there will be no partition problems any more. Also, the IR&RF extension has the function of temperature and humidity collection.

This is your ultimate Internet of Things (I.o.T.) device!

Thinker support IFTTT function, you can set a trigger condition (for example: temperature, humidity, time, etc.) to initiate an action (example: switch air conditioning, switch lights, switch windows). By set various IFTTT, you can be creative to make your home understand your habits.

Visit IFTTT website ( for more.

Remote Control Access  – Be home,  even when you are not

With Thinker, you will be able to open the air conditioning, water heater and other home appliances ahead of time.

Camera Monitoring

Through the perfect combination with the smart camera accessories, you can monitor your house anytime and anywhere. The HD sensor with megapixels, all-round monitoring point of 355 degrees, with the advanced remote connection technology, it provides you the ability to regulate and control while watching, as if you are inside your house.


Real-time Feedback

Door sensor, intelligent feedback switch and environment detection sensor can provide real-time feedback of the current status through the mobile phone APP. So, as long as the cell phone is in hand, you can easily control the environment and condition of your house.


One-Click Setup

The mobile phone App automatically scans to find and add a new extension. This requires no additional configurations, all one-touch away!

Customize the user interface of the App as you like

Feel free to design the remote menu of Thinker App until you are satisfied. You can add your own, or remove various buttons, you can customize the button size, location, background. Of course, the background of the remote control also can be customized. Give full play to your imagination, you can design a good remote control interface. Also, the App allows you  to share the user interface of the App designed by you and the well-learned remote control with your family and friends easily.

Offline Timing

After setting the time of remote control, you do not need to serve the home appliances anymore, thus being a real master.

How to use

1)  Download and install the mobile phone APP. (The new APP is being developed and optimized, you can download the previous version by clicking the link iOS and  Android, and the new APP will be updated once being completed.)

2)  Connect and match Thinker with your mobile phone through WiFi. Search SSID "Geeklink" to connect. If you need to dial-up Internet connection or a router, connect the appropriate cable access router's WAN port.

3)  Match the remote control with your mobile phone APP and save the data. The matching of the remote control supports the code library, so choose the brand directly. If the brand could not be found, you can save the data to the phone through learning. Additionally, timing and pattern are supported as well (this feature is to set up multiple action and the time to obtain delay action to open a pattern at a specific time.)

4)  Match the door sensor, intelligent camera and other monitoring accessories with the APP and then save the data.

5)  Use the APP to control home appliances, query the status of them and acquire alarm information.                                                             

Note: we will update more detailed instructions on Thinker and its accessories after the completion of our new APP.

Some Practical Examples of using Thinker

In the heat of summer, to open the air conditioning in advance using your mobile phones will provide a cool and comfortable home every time you get indoors.

In the cold winter, to open the heating and water heater makes you able to enjoy hot bath directly on arriving your at warm house.

While watching TV, you can use your smart phones to choose programs and adjust the volume directly.

At a movie, a single click is enough to start the home cinema mode, and meanwhile the curtain, screen, and projector are ready. You do not have to set up them one by one.

When you feel sleepy when lying in bed reading a book or watching TV, merely a button on your smart phone is sufficient to turn off the lights and TV, and transfer the air conditioning automatically to a comfortable temperature. Then you can fall asleep peacefully.

Touching on the mode of Back Home on your phone, all electrical appliances will be ready, so you can enjoy bright and comfortable home as soon as you get home every day.

Before going out, Away from Home button helps to switch off all electric power, saving your time and energy.

Even when you are away from home, through the intelligent camera, you can also monitor your house at any time using a smartphone.

At night, if you want to go to the bathroom or other rooms, you can use your phone to turn on the lights in advance, thus avoiding the potential to cause the risk of an accident because of the dark or fear.

TV, DVD, air conditioning, speakers... Oh you have got too many remote controls! Can't find them? So just replace them with your smart phone.    


Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Color: black, black/white, gray, white

 Power supplies: 5V

WiFi: Yes

Single package size: 22X32X27 CM

Single gross weight: 2.5 KG

Operating system:open Wrt

Network standard:

wireless network standard:

IEEE802.11n       IEEE802.11g  EEE802.11b

Wired network standard:IEEE802.3 IEEE802.3u

Wifi Capacity:20dBm(Max)

Antenna type:Ominidirectional antenna built-in

Network management:APP management

                  WEB interface management

                  Free on-line update is available

Outer net connection:PPPOE/Wireless bridging /DHCP/Static IP

Firmware port:one 100Mbps self-adaption LAN port

            one 1000Mbps self-adaption LAN port

            one USB2.0 port

Supporting security devices: 315 wireless siren (1527/2262 coding)

Supporting RC type:RF&IR