Tianjin To Invest 100 Million To Build A New 1000 Anti-technology Network Monitoring Points

Tianjin will establish a sound long-term mechanism, it is understood. Good start and completion of the audit review by the administrative licensing system, all kinds of anti-technology, anti-technology systems to ensure that the design and construction meet the various technical specifications to promote the financial, power, public transportation, city, hospitals, schools and other key units and key places to carry out anti-technology system construction, easy to realize the incidence site of anti-technology coverage, and speed up the security video surveillance system video surveillance system and social networking integration pace, this year the city will integrate 4000 has been built video surveillance points, improve resource share level.

2011--2015 network in Tianjin technical protection system construction plan "has officially implemented. This year, to vigorously accelerate the Tianjin network technology to prevent "second five" period (referred to as the anti-technology network) system. District will invest 100 million yuan for the construction of anti-technology network, the new 1000 camera monitoring points, forming key parts without blind spots, three-dimensional pattern of patrol control important region-wide coverage.