Smart Cities Face Risks Three Measures Strengthening Security Systems

The employees and residents were safely into the planning, implementation, education and training programs. Remind Internet users may encounter safety threat alert to prevent malicious attacks.

Security issues of information technology systems is particularly important. Smart victory rural construction requirements should be the development of its network safe reliable information technology infrastructure from time to time, as information technology Chongqing will spare no effort into the infrastructure construction. Peace also requires agreement will be developed, covering the increase from time to time the application and security needs. Computer system to "patch" without delay.

Smart village facing security risks

In addition to earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, the network faces a variety of threats countryside. Senior vice president of Visteon Pangbao Bo representation. Information technology infrastructure while also facing man-made threats, including attacks from hackers, criminals and the like. Further, since the attacks in information technology is changing from time to time, it is necessary from time to time to update the risk assessment.

Rural Network of the process, for example. Through RFID and wireless network infrastructure links and process the data collected, there are several loopholes. For example, to build the smart grid, we need to manage systems and instrumentation, sensors, power outlets connected through IT systems. These hardware devices in the system, each node is a potential entry suffered attacks.