NVR Network DVR DVR Has More Than Seven Superior

A flexible deployment

As a result of the whole network architecture, it can monitor any IP network interconnection point between the device and the NVR. Therefore, in the NVR system, the monitoring points can be located anywhere on the network, and to achieve rapid deployment, are not subject to geographical restrictions.

The DVR system using the center point between the monitoring network DVR analog affected analog signal transmission distance and loss, there are significant limitations to monitor the position of the point can not be remote deployment.

Second, wiring convenient, low cost


NVR only pick one to complete the network cable wiring, installation, and to achieve all the access points to monitor all monitoring signals; and DVR needed for each control point distribution of video, audio, control, and alarm and other multi-channel cable. Therefore NVR on the central wiring and maintenance is very simple and convenient.

Monitoring points:

Monitoring points NVR Network DVR IP head-end systems are, therefore, only one network cable to complete the wiring, and through the IP network access centers NVR; and the front end DVR systems are analog devices, each monitoring front-end to the center cloth needed video, audio, control and alarm signals and other multi-channel cable. Thus, the front-end wiring NVR system is very simple and very low cost cabling, you can use the existing network.

The use of PoE technology, NVR network DVR system IP head-end equipment can also be powered via Ethernet, IP and through the front-end output power signal for other peripherals power, thus further simplifying wiring. The front-end DVR systems have a separate power supply, PoE power supply can not be achieved.

For convenient wiring monitoring points, subordinate wireless IP front end can achieve wireless transmission control signal, no wiring. The DVR system are analog front-end equipment can not be wireless deployments.