HD Network Monitoring Five Common Problems And Solutions

Transmission and storage, system integrators by high costs can be solved; high-definition display and management manufacturers need to spend some effort to improve the underlying hardware and software; effect in terms of improving night vision, investment is also relatively small , and it is most likely to be able to make customer satisfaction ascension solution.

Compared with standard definition video surveillance, high-definition network monitoring advantages are obvious, but more than two years through marketing, will inevitably encounter the following types of questions:

1, the transmission aspects

HD network camera generally choose 720P or 1080P solution, if you want to achieve the desired image effects, we need 2 ~ 8M network bandwidth, if a system has to be among the hundreds of points, then the data flow across the network can be quite large and real-time video stream is a data stream, will continue to result in continued pressure on network-related switching devices, which need to do plenty of homework in network planning.


Since the fiber optic cable costs continue to reduce, plus high-performance fiber-optic local area network completely switch can be used to form high-speed network, Gigabit to the desktop is a very easy thing. With the popularization of broadband networks, especially this year, has just launched the "triple play", the rate of households has reached tens of megabytes to hundreds of megabytes, Copper light eventually brought us cheap high-speed Internet. For remote HD video image transmission is already not take too long time.