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13th World Athletics Championships in Daegu, South Korea entered the third day of competition the competition. During the Competition Roberts Liu Xiang's hand hit twice, at 20:25 on August 29. Especially the last time a serious impact on Liu Xiang's sprint. It is a false front "security monitoring system was genuine.

And Roberts fifth neighbor channel. Although the first half of the preliminaries and semifinals effects are beat Liu Xiang Roberts from the sixth channel. Roberts With the advantage of 0.06 seconds to beat Liu Xiang's start, but after the eighth column, good after the way the force Liu Xiang has to keep pace with Roberts.

Roberts actually increased Baishou amplitude, shocking the two crossed the ninth column, when the right hand dialed Liu Xiang's left hand, the impact of the collision Liu Xiang's rhythm. Attack tenth hurdle when Roberts hit Liu Xiang left hand again. Liu was again disrupted the rhythm right leg playing field, at the foot of a staggering almost fell, Roberts is the first to cross the finish line. Slow motion replays showed, was beaten twice Liu Xiang is very angry, and even when he turned to see the sprint race Roberts. Finally, the effect of 14 to 13 seconds Roberts crossed the finish line. After the sprint, Roberts immediately turn around to embrace Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang's face is exposed embarrassed look.