Central Civil Security Market Propped Up The Low-end Monitoring Products

If from the point of view of product quality and after-sales service, many people support brands. "Brand is a guarantee of quality," this sentence is not false, but it is not "high cost" interpretation. In Beijing electronics market, for example, stores, in addition to first-line Hikvision, Dali, Sony, Panasonic, there are many second and third tier of non-famous brand, which is the most humble products to seize the civilian market. Products at different grades, the most common 25-meter infrared sensor, for example, the market price of around 200 a year warranty. The price of the product line with the functions of up to five times. Although the latter is superior in appearance, but in accordance with the civil development of the market, nearly a thousand dollars a probe is not suitable for the civilian market promotion. Of course, a brand product does not mean high-end products. Today tier equipment manufacturers in order to meet the civilian market development is also cost-effective production of high-security products. After the "price storm" of DVR from the initial four thousand dollars now dropped to a few hundred dollars, the most common 4-way DVR current market prices ranging from 400 to 600 yuan. For the average family is concerned, this price is perfectly acceptable. All in all, the civilian security market mainly in the second and third tier front-end equipment brands, the terminal storage device product line better. In this war without smoke, we have determined that second and third tier products is leading the civilian market.