Buy One Million High-definition Camera To Note A Few Major Problems

In recent years with the popularity of high-definition cameras megapixels, megapixels lens corresponding to the demand grows. In addition to traditional traffic monitoring, others such as city surveillance and other industry applications are also emerging as the preferred high-definition systems. Faced with the vast amount of the major manufacturers of the product, the user how to choose the right shot himself? This article will feature megapixels lens and mainstream megapixels camera angles and how to select the function to discuss.

Megapixels lens characteristics

Currently, megapixels compared to commonly used camera fixed focus, manual zoom, power zoom and so are several. For different industrial applications, we have relatively mature application program. Such as traffic capture category common megapixels fixed focus lens, then what is the difference megapixels lens and normal lens?

Clarity of difference

In the center of the imaging surface of the lens is the highest resolution, at the edge of the screen is relatively worse. Normal lens can simply meet in the center of the resolution clarity at the same time, the clarity of the edges will reduce a lot, to meet the overall clarity of 440,000 pixels camera ordinary request.

In practice, the key elements of the resolution lens clarity, there are three: 1, the lens material and purity. Lens fewer impurities, the less interference of light it produces, the higher the clarity of the screen; 2, the lens grinding precision. Lens grinding precision grinding equipment by resolution, representing the difference between foreign domestic lens camera on the performance at this point; 3, lens coating accuracy. Accurate control of the coating process is one of the elements of the lens clarity resolution.