Benefits Of HD Teychnology

With new technological developments and innovations constantly being made, consumers are able to enjoy the benefits of higher quality products. Better technology means better gadgets and appliances for entertainment such as televisions but more importantly, it also means better security. Simon Nash, Senior European Marketing Manager, Video Security for Sony Professional presents the case for the adoption of High Definition in the security market.


With the rise in use of IP and the growing customer need for image quality and enhancements, there is now an increase in demand for higher resolution. This started with the introduction of the mega pixel camera and has driven the latest HD innovations, including the need for increased image quality, which is what customers need to provide positive identification in court hearings. So why turn to HD for security purposes? Considering that several years ago security images made people appear distorted, often only being able to make out their silhouette, now with HD, customers can clearly make out small numbers and lettering and also have a clear image of individuals. 


The quality of resolution also depends on the number of mega pixels the security camera has, this can range from approximately 1.3 mega pixels up to 4 mega pixels. Visibility enhancement can also dynamically optimise the brightness of each pixel in an image. When areas are dark or too light the visibility enhancer stretches the contrast of lit up portions and shadows, which means that clear, bright images are shown in very low-light conditions. The visibility enhancer also contributes to the sensitivity of the camera and with crime occurring statistically more at night, appropriate video security technology can greatly reduce crime.


Having a security camera that is capable of good sensitivity will dramatically change the brightness and clarity of the image. HD is able to achieve both resolution and sensitivity in good balance. Each of these aspects helps to create a more secure surveillance system, which has been developed for businesses and public places. Considering events such as 9/11 and the London bombings, there is a need for tighter and better security.