Are Digital High-definition Monitor Will Go Simulate The Old Cottage

"Cottage," the term is widely used in mobile phones, and now the field of security is also filled with a lot of large or small cottage security manufacturers, we can say, all walks of life, the most rampant cottage field of security, only analog video camera manufacturers in Shenzhen cottage as much as hundreds or even thousands, DVR manufacturers have at least hundreds. Currently the electronics industry in general is difficult to appear so huge cottage lineup. According to the relevant semiconductor manufacturers revealed that domestic companies even specialize in illegal copying, and can be done even tens of millions of value.

Cottage enterprises are generally short-term speculation, imitate, copy, copy board, with little regard for long-term development and market regulation, only the pursuit of immediate interests for the purpose. The business community and the market is very big harm. Today, security sector projects, dealers often lamented: "Security becoming more and more confused, market disorder, the local Computer City from house to house stocked with different brands of analog control products, and are claiming to be a certain brand of agents or offices . "

Security cottage, result in the following consequences:

Intense (1) Dealer homogenization of competition, price wars so that more low-profit.

(2) auto-throat competition extends to engineering, construction of more low-profit providers.

(3) Manufacturers homogenization competition, low profits, it will naturally find ways to reduce costs and enhance market competitiveness, into