Things to global trends in domestic core technology controlled by others

Things applications gradually expand the scale, in order to point to an area of the situation began to emerge: Internet of Things applications in various industries currently still dot appears larger coverage, a wider scope of application of things from a global perspective the case is still very limited, but with the world's major countries and vigorously promote the regional government, in order to point to the situation of the industry application with animals networking industry is gradually rendering.

Things applications developed overall lead. Information technology capability and high degree of information technology country the United States, Europe and Japan and South Korea are in a leading position in the application of the depth, breadth and level of intelligence and so on.

Our networking applications in early stages of development in general, many active in the field of exploration and pilot application of things, but in the application level compared with developed countries still a certain gap. China has launched a series of pilot and demonstration projects in the power grid, transportation, logistics, intelligent home, saving and environmental protection, industrial automation, medical and health, fine agriculture, financial services, public safety and other fields has made initial progress.