Optical fiber sensing technology security perimeter set off a storm of technological innovation

In recent years, optical fiber sensing technology to obtain a rapid development. With conventional techniques, it has anti-jamming, corrosion resistance, high sensitivity, high reliability, small size and other characteristics, especially suitable for large-scale distributed mass distance measurement, it is the future trend of industrial development.

With the rapid economic development and law and order situation even more complicated, some of the major projects and key protected areas, such as airports, train stations, military and so on, are all of a very high security requirements. Optical fiber sensing perimeter security technology, the industry has become a new hot spot of research.

Traditional perimeter security system mainly infrared radiation, vibration cable alarm systems, video surveillance systems (using coaxial cable, fiber optic cable) and the like. Traditional security technologies exist poor performance, high rate of false positives, vulnerable to lightning, using copper and other shortcomings, the industry is widely believed that the fiber perimeter protection system can effectively overcome the shortcomings of the current perimeter security system, but also has long distance monitoring, no electromagnetic radiation, anti-interference ability, high reliability and relatively simple construction, etc., is currently the most advanced technology, but also the mainstream of today's security market. Therefore, many people believe that based on optical fiber vibration sensing technology perimeter management system, will replace the traditional technology to become mainstream in the future technology. It is reported that many domestic companies have launched their own fiber-optic sensing security system.