Digital technology show in the field of civil security

Maybe everyone wants to have a home like superheroes like Batman, to protect the family for their own nursing homes. Maybe everyone wants to have a doctor like Dr. like x super in their own home, they also can perceive the situation in their homeland. Maybe everyone wants their home quiet and beautiful, is not subject to any infringement exclusive home of music. Thus, a new industry, civil security arises. Even humans do not like science fiction in the same super powers to protect themselves, but human beings can through their own ingenuity invention transformation tools to protect themselves. I have lived for many years in human history also know about it. It was from the beginning, there is security. From the most simple to use self-defense Daomao, sent scouts to observe the situation, and now high-tech society, with firearms in self-defense, using advanced digital technology to observe the situation, this is not say that is not a big leap. Civil Security through so many years, until today digital technology has been widely applied in the field, make modern life more comfortable, at ease. So, modern digital technology in the field of civil security applications mainly, what does? Today, I take with you into the civil security in the digital world to find out.