Development dilemma to resolve low-light cameras

First, from the market used SonyCCD terms of low-light camera developed at the source side, the upstream chip manufacturers need to do the main work is to enhance the sensitivity of the CCD, there is now the fourth generation CCD, is HAD, SuperHAD, ExwaveHAD, now the latest is called SuperExwave, one of the most famous is ExwaveHAD, many people use it as a generic term for a low-light CCD, Chinese name called super sensitivity, in 2004, Sony launched the world's SuperExwaveCCD, in particular, to strengthen the night to enhance sensitivity, that is, the sensitivity of the near-infrared light more than 50% increase, can be adapted to lower illuminance environment.

Natural light into color images, infrared light at night can only rely on a black and white screen. We consider the development of the technical aspects of color to black, or color images during the day, by the filter, the future, if the infrared come in, will bring color distortion, and will bring some increase in noise and so on. So during the day we took an infrared filter to filter out. We used near-infrared night imaging, put the filter is removed, the light coming from the outside may include some infrared, but our image is rendered in black and white. This is our color to black technology.