CMOS development matured breakthrough in 2011 rose 13%

With the rise of all kinds of consumer electronics, image sensor has become one of the semiconductor industry's most dazzling star product, but in the image sensor, CCD sensor and the emerging growth of CMOSSensor gradually find their own application market, hoping to become the market the main technical. CMOS image sensors and CCD sensor having a photosensitive compared to low, high signal to noise ratio of shortcomings, but it still has a low power, low cost and other advantages.

For the global ImageSensor (image sensor) IC components market analysis, global ImageSensor 2010 component applications market size of 7.1 billion, after the financial impact of the wind, continued to show positive growth trend. TRI estimated 2012 market size of nearly $ 850 million mageSensor; ImageSensor high market share especially CMOSSensor the proportion accounted for an average of about 9 percent or so;

CMOSSensor market analysis for 2010, the overall market size CMOSSensor component of 6.3 billion US dollars, accounting for 89% of overall ImageSensor market, the overall market trend on average for 90% of the interval range. In the consumer electronics equipped with high penetration of state, the future growth of the web into the industrial growth slowed maturity, TRI CMOSSensor estimated to grow 13% in 2011, the future will pursue advances in technology and manufacturing costs of the pixel .

CMOSSensor camera module applications market is the most important component of the image sensor applications, where the highest proportion of applications for communications electronic goods, accounting for 70% of the overall CMOSSensor market, while the main application CMOSSensor markets including security systems, automotive systems, PC related peripherals applications, such as digital cameras. IPad Tablet PC market is driven CMOSSensor fastest growing application market.