Burglar alarm in many fields in the development and application of

Anti-theft alarm system security system as a subsystem, in many places play an important role, such as residential areas, shopping malls, schools and the like. With the development of science and technology in recent years, the security industry has also been a very big development, a lot of security products are applied to all walks of life, to defend the safety of society and the family played an important role. Here's a look at the development of anti-theft alarm system in some areas.

Residential burglar alarm Must

More and more developers gradually "safe" as a real estate personalized highlights, but it is understood that such a "safe" and did not play a real preventive effect, most of the anti-theft alarm state facilities just decoration. What causes this happen?

Partly because the right to choose anti-theft alarm system at developers and integrators, and end-user is the owner of this buy, causing buyers to system stability and quality of post-separation phenomenon with indifferent service, users of the system also they lack the necessary understanding. Therefore, anti-theft alarm system is non-existent, in real life did not play its due role.

On the other hand anti-theft alarm system many times as industrial sales and use, high degree of specialization, complex operation, remember passwords, application programming cumbersome, many educational level or older people, difficult to use correctly. Many users of these high-tech anti-theft alarm system is not interested, even doubt its effectiveness.

But it seems that on the whole, although residential burglar alarm still many aspects do exist, but I believe as long as the burglar alarm manufacturers efforts to solve these problems, residential burglar alarm market is very impressive.