Application Lightning protection in security industry

Lightning is due to strong convection occurs between thunderclouds and the formation of a strong cloud to discharge phenomenon. Nature of lightning are mainly two types of direct lightning and lightning sensors. Sound and light complicated by a direct lightning strike, lightning, young and old known. It is a strong current, high temperature hot, violent shock, etc., on the discharge channel Jihuai buildings, power lines, hit dead and wounded people, animals and so on. The lightning sensors is quietly, imperceptibly, serious consequences. It is due to electromagnetic induction thundercloud electrostatic induction or discharge of the metal parts on the building, such as pipes, steel, power lines, signal transmission lines, Antenna and so induces a thundercloud charge of opposite charge, resulting in a discharge the main channel is introduced into the chamber to disrupt an electronic device through a power line, signal line, Antenna and back ground and so on.

Since different lightning directly stroke and lightning induced infringement channel protective measures is different. Mainly anti-lightning directly stroke lightning, lightning belt (net) and other traditional lightning protection devices, as long as the design specifications, installation and reasonable, these facilities will be able to direct lightning strikes lightning effective defense. But no matter how perfect lightning rod (with), for lightning sensors are powerless, because the lightning strike is due to the power cord electronics, electrical equipment, signal lines and the like attract Antenna caused, coupled with some poor shielding system and did not take other potential connection measures, integrated wiring unreasonable, causing the ground to counter potential irregularities, and thus induced lightning and lightning electromagnetic pulse invasion very easy to damage the corresponding electronic and electrical equipment. A large number of electronic devices in today's information society applications, especially computer technology and the increasing popularity of microwave communication technology, lightning sensors increased significantly harm alone lightning rod mine can not meet the actual needs of the electronics, communications, microelectronics equipment of lightning .